LUBA Knowledgebase Articles

LUBA Knowledgebase Articles


Accessories Compatibility between LUBA 1 and LUBA 2

Battery Specifications for Luba 1 and Luba 2

LUBA 2 - How many Work zones can I set?

LUBA 2 – Product Overview

LUBA 2 – RTK Redundancy using Vision

LUBA 2 - Third Party App Login Options

LUBA 2 – What is the cutting height range?

Can I move the Luba Charging Station?

Can power cables affect LUBA operation?

How do RTK satellites work? What are L1 and L2?

How is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth used with Luba?

How many No-Go zones can I set?

How long will it take LUBA 5000 to mow 3/4 acre?

How often should I replace my mowing blades?

How do I check LUBA operations and notifications?

How to clean LUBA

How to Lock and Unlock LUBA

How do I manually lower Luba mow discs?

LUBA Charging Station components and features

LUBA Charging Station New Connectors

LUBA Cutting blade replacement

LUBA Mower components and features

LUBA Operation/Function Buttons

LUBA Navigation Modes

LUBA Rain Sensor

LUBA Task Modes (Work Mode Settings)

LUBA Winter Storage and Maintenance

Manual mowing with Luba

Should I clean under the blade disc?

What are the operating temperatures for LUBA?

What do the lights on LUBA mean?

What do the lights on LUBA charging station mean?

What is Bypass strategy/Perception logic?

What is LoRa?

What is LUBA cutting height range?

What is LUBA maximum climbing ability?

What is the maximum area LUBA 5000 can mow per hour?

What is the maximum grass height LUBA can mow?

What is the Recommended Mowing Times/Scheduling?

What is the RTK maximum range/signal area?

What is the Warranty for a LUBA?

What is the Warranty for a LUBA 2?

What is the maximum lawn size/area LUBA can mow?

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User Manuals

LUBA 2 - User Manual

Mammotion LUBA Owner Manuals

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    • LUBA Technical Support

      LUBA technical support is available for Autmow customers: Phone: 866-222-0860 Email: Web form: LUBA Knowledgebase is available for Registered Autmow Users. ...
    • Mammotion LUBA Owner Manuals

      If you have lost or damaged your Owner Manual, you can download from below link: LUBA 1 - 5000 AWD User Manual - v1.2 LUBA 1 - 1000/3000 AWD User Manual_v1.2 LUBA 2 - All models User Manual_v1.0 LUBA 2 - All models User Manual_v3.0
    • How to clean LUBA

      When cleaning your LUBA, please keep the following precautions in mind: Use a brush or a faucet for cleaning, but avoid using a high-pressure water hose. It is recommended to divide the cleaning process into separate areas: static surface cleaning, ...
    • LUBA Winter Storage and Maintenance

      To make sure your Luba will be in perfect condition for the next mowing season, please follow these instructions. 1. Preparation before winter storage Turn off all task schedules in Mammotion App. Charge the battery power of Luba to 40%-70%. 2. ...
    • Can I move the Luba Charging Station?

      If you move the Charging Station or Luba is having difficulty docking, you need to "Relocate the Luba Charging Station": Open Mammotion App Click on "Settings" Icon Click on "Relocate the Luba Charging Station" Note: Luba must be on the Charging ...