Yarbo Charging Failure at the Docking Station?

Yarbo Charging Failure at the Docking Station?

  1. Docking station has no power, the LED indicator is not illuminated
  If the Docking Station appears to be without power – indicated by the absence of illumination from the LED indicator – ensure that the Docking Station is properly connected to its power source.

  1. The App indicates a battery level close to 100%
    If the app shows a battery level nearing 100%, the battery's charging speed may decrease. This is a safety measure to safeguard and prolong the battery's lifespan.

      3. The connection between Yarbo and the coils on the docking station is not strong enough
      If the connection between Yarbo and the coils on the Docking Station seems weak, it's likely that Yarbo is not appropriately positioned on the Docking Station. Please consult the image provided below for a visual guide to correctly positioning Yarbo.

      4. Thermal Limitations

It is important to understand the thermal limitations of the Yarbo device, as these can significantly impact its performance and longevity. During the warmer months, there is potential for an over-temperature alarm to be activated due to the battery exceeding a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Should this occur, the recommended course of action is to relocate the device to a cooler environment and allow the battery to return to a safe operating temperature.
In the event that a sudden halt occurs in Yarbo's charging process, it could likely be attributed to an increase in battery temperature beyond a safe threshold. This surge in temperature has the potential to trigger the over-temperature alarm. To remedy this situation, it's recommended to relocate Yarbo to a cooler environment and allow sufficient time for the temperature to decrease. Resuming the charging process prior to the device cooling down could result in further complications. It's important to always ensure Yarbo's operating conditions are optimal for its functionality and longevity.

    Conversely, excessively cold temperatures can also present challenges. If the device is powered off for an extended period, or exposed to extremely cold weather conditions below 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), the docking station may heat the battery instead of charging it. In such instances, it is advised to bypass the docking station and utilise the wired charger to replenish the battery. This method will be more efficient and protect the overall health of the batter

  1. Malfunctioning of Yarbo's beacons
There might be malfunctioning of Yarbo's beacon including Docking station's location beacon sensor and Yarbo's location beacon sensor after excluding potential problems above. Please contact Yarbo support center or create a ticket to resolve your Yarbo.

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