Robot will not start mowing

Robot will not start mowing

Possible causes:
  1. Robot not turned on
  2. Bad power outlet or power cable not connected correctly
  3. Bad charging station board
  4. Mower was previously mowing in a secondary area
  5. Override the schedule is set
Diagnostic steps:
  1. Confirm Robot is turned on
  2. Confirm power outlet is working
  3. Confirm power cable is firmly connected to the charge station
  4. Follow below Procedures before replacing parts
  5. Check that power supply voltage is correct
    If yes: Replace charge station board
    If no:  Replace power supply or cable

Set the product to resume on the main area
If the product was previously mowing a secondary area or is currently set to override the schedule, you have to set it back to follow the schedule on the main area to resume automatic operation.
To start mowing according to schedule on the main area, follow the step-by-step guide.

To start the product according to schedule on the main area
  1. Place the product in the charging station.
  2. Press Start on the keypad.
  3. Select Main area.
The product will now start according to the schedule. It will stay in the charging station until the schedule permits operation.

Check that the charging station is placed in an area with protection from the sun
The product is not allowed to operate if the battery temperature is too high or too low.

Do you see the message "Today's mowing complete"?

Wait until the robotic lawn mower has finished charging
During operation, when the product is scheduled for a long period of time, it will return to the charging station when the battery level is low.
When the product has reached a sufficient charging level, it will start operating again, within the scheduled hours.

Check enabled Smart Connections
Some of the Smart Connections in the Automower® Connect app may override the schedule, for example, if you have enabled a Smart Connection that parks the product overnight or based on a calendar event.
If this is not desired, disable the Smart Connection or edit the settings.
To disable a Smart Connection:
  1. Select More > Smart Home in the Automower® Connect app.
  2. Select the connection and tap the slider to disconnect it or tap the Settings icon to edit the settings.
Check enabled IFTTT applets
IFTTT applets activated for your product (by yourself or another Automower® Connect user) can park the product, overriding the schedule.
If this is not desired, disable or edit the IFTTT applet.
To disable or edit an iFTTT applet, log into

Check the schedule
Check the schedule and make sure it is correct

Weather timer

If the Weather Timer is activated, it automatically adapts the cutting intervals to the grass growth.
This means that if the grass has not grown enough, the product will return to the charging station even though the schedule says it should be operating.



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