How to use Sidewalk Feature?

How to use Sidewalk Feature?

What is Sidewalk´╝č

The Sidewalk feature is a sophisticated element designed to establish connections between diverse areas without encountering constraints. It also functioning as a versatile pathway, adeptly facilitate seamless connectivity, offering an efficient means of navigation between distinct zones.

Where to Find Sidewalk?

  • Begin by clicking on the "Map" icon located in the top right corner of Yarbo's homepage.
  • Look for the "Modify Map" button within the map interface.
  • Click on "Modify" to access the Sidewalk option.

How to Use Sidewalk?

  1. The route of sidewalk mode can be charted in various configurations, providing a high degree of flexibility in design. 
  2. The sidewalk must be connected to an area or pathway. 
  3. You can draw sidewalk lines that can be turned if the sidewalk in your house is wider than the sidewalk created on your map.
  4. A sidewalk represents a single linear path, distinct from a closed area, and it can be seamlessly connected to specific areas. 
  5. The sidewalk cannot be cross the no-go zone.
  6. The parameters of each sidewalk can be customized. 
  • Initiate Sidewalk Addition: Locate and click the "Add Sidewalk" button on the toolbar.
  • Navigate to Preparation Page: The page will automatically transition to the preparation page for drawing a new sidewalk.
  • Start Drawing: Click on the "Start" button to commence drawing your sidewalk on the map area.
  • Drawing Process: Use the cursor to draw the sidewalk on the map. Click and drag to outline the desired path.
  • Adjust Drawing Area: Once the sidewalk is drawn, adjust the boundary of the drawn area to define the direction for sidewalk placement.
  • Select Throw Direction: Slide the boundary to indicate the direction of snow throwing for the sidewalk.
  • Complete Drawing: After selecting the throw direction, click on the "Next" button to finalize and conclude the drawing process.
  • Confirmation: Confirm the drawn sidewalk and its designated direction. If satisfied, proceed with any additional steps or save the changes.

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