How to Set Up the RTK antenna?

How to Set Up the RTK antenna?

What to prepare?

For optimal performance, ensure that the RTK antenna we provided has a clear sky view of at least 120°. It is important to note that the RTK Base is not designed for outdoor use, so please place it indoors. Additionally, please take into consideration that the RTK connection cable between the antenna and the base is only 33 ft in length. Therefore, plan the placement accordingly to accommodate this limitation.

Please refer to the images below if you want to mount your RTK antenna on the roof or on the wall. Note, please be very careful not to hurt yourself while operating on the roof.

If you decide to mount your RTK antenna on the wall, please refer to the image below. Take the image as a reference when you decide the location for the RTK antenna.

In addtion, if you choose to install the RTK antenna on the ground you can take the images below as a guidance. Please note you need to prepare specific instruments for different installing scenarios. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at if you have any questions, or you may raise a ticket through our support center portal. 

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