How to Remove the Protection Fence/Grate

How to Remove the Protection Fence/Grate

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      Reasons to adjust the theft protection area: The alarm was activated because the product was outside its GeoFence. The alarm is not activated when product is outside GeoFence Procedure: To enable the GeoFence function, set a centre point, and adjust ...
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      GeoFence is a GPS-based theft protection that makes a virtual fence for the mower. We always recommend that you enable the GeoFence when you have finished with the installation of your Automower® robotic lawn mower. When enabled, you will be notified ...
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      Geo Fence can be enabled by the App or on your Automower: On the Automower® Connect App. Open the Automower® Connect App. Select Settings > Security > GeoFence. Toggle off and back on to set new center postion. On your Automower® Select: Menu > ...
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