How to modify 'No-go Zone'?

How to modify 'No-go Zone'?

1. Add a No-go zone: 

Method 1: Add a no-go zone from the mapping process

After you select the route mode, click the 'Check Mark'. 
Step 1: Select 'Create no-go zone' from the three other options
Step 2: Click 'Start' Draw your designated no-go zone
Step 3: Once you finish drawing the no-go zone, click the 'Next'

Method 2: Add a no-go zone from 'My Map' page

Step 1: Click "Modify" 
Step 2: Select an appointed area
Step 3: Click '+' Sign to add a no-go zone on your selected area
Step 4: Click 'Start' Draw your designated no-go zone
Step 5: Once you finish drawing the no-go zone, click the 'Next'

Method 3: Add a no-go zone with a vehicle template

On 'My Map' page: (You will see the full map with a no-go zone you draw before)
Step 1: Click "Modify"
Step 2: Select an appointed area
Step 3: Click '+' Sign to draw another no-go zone or select a suitable template

Step 4: Select a template for a size of your vehicle
Step 5: Once the chosen template showing horizontally on the area, adjust it using the sliding bar located under the 'Rotate' section (move left: anti-clockwise; move right: clockwise)
Step 6: If you finish, click the 'Check Mark' at the top right corner

2. Redraw a No-go Zone

You can redraw the no-go zone on the specified working area.

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