How to Create the No-go zone?

How to Create the No-go zone?

What is No-go zone?

The ”No-go zone" refers to areas within the working zone where you don't want Yarbo to enter. You need to draw it as a closed-off area. You can designate areas such as your car in the driveway, flower beds in the yard, and other places within the working zone where you don't want Yarbo to enter as No-go zones. 

1. Accessing no-go zone creation:

Click on "Create No-go Zone" in the other option pop-up, and you can enter the restricted zone drawing.

2. Drawing a no-go zone:

Click on “Start" to initiate the drawing of the no-go zone. Then, you will be guided through an animation. You can either click to choose ”Don't show again“ or directly hit the "Confirm" button to proceed with the drawing. 

3. Controlling Yarbo for no-go zone creation:

Now you can control Yarbo to walk and create the Working Area!

4. Completion of no-go zone drawing:

After completing the drawing, click on "Next", and you can proceed to other options!

5. Error correction in no-go zone drawing:

If any mistakes are made during the drawing process, there's no need to worry. You can click "Redraw" to start over. However, it's important to ensure that the working area you redrawn is connected to the previously drawn pathway.
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