How to Adjust Work Preference Settings?

How to Adjust Work Preference Settings?

What is work preference settings ?

The Work Preference Settings allow you to personalize and optimize the overall behavior and performance of your Yarbo according to your specific needs. These settings are designed to enhance the efficiency and adaptability of Yarbo in carrying out its tasks. 

How to find work preference settings?

  1. Accessing Yarbo Setting: Navigate to the Yarbo Settings page by clicking on the settings icon prominently displayed on the device page. This icon serves as the gateway to the comprehensive settings menu.
  2. Locating the "Work Preference" Option: Within the settings menu, scroll through the list to find the "Work Preference" option. It is typically positioned among other customization choices, allowing you to fine-tune Yarbo's behavior and performance.
  3. Accessing Work Preference Setting Page: Once you have identified the "Work Preference" option, click on it to enter the dedicated Work Preference Settings page. You can customize and configure various parameters to tailor Yarbo's performance, according to your preference.

What can you do with the work preference setting?

Moving Speed Adjustment: Adjust Yarbo's operational speed according to your preferences by either using the slider for precise control or selecting from predefined options like Slow, Medium, or Fast. This customization allows you to match the speed with the specific requirements of your work plan, providing flexibility and adaptability based on the nature of the task.

Auger in Work Plan: Enable or disable the Auger activation during the work plan with a simple toggle. If Yarbo turns off this feature, the auger won't activate, which is especially useful when there's no snow. This capability enhances control over power consumption and optimizes equipment usage, aligning performance with specific environmental conditions.

Snow Intake Effect: Choose between "Performance" and "Efficiency" to customize how your Yarbo handles snow intake, balancing between optimal performance and energy efficiency. During snow blowing, Yarbo will automatically adjust the moving speed using Dynamic Adjustment arithmetic for optimal snow removal performance in various conditions.
  • The lower the performance, the later Yarbo activates automatic deceleration leading to a decrease in the effectiveness of snow-clearing.
  • The higher the performance, the earlier Yarbo activates automatic deceleration, leading to an increase in the effectiveness of snow-clearing.

Recharge Battery Level: Set the preferred battery percentage for automatic recharging. Yarbo intelligently recharges itself when the battery falls below this level, ensuring it is always prepared for action without manual control.

Turn-off Auger Battery Level:  Specify the battery percentage at which Yarbo will automatically turn off the auger to conserve power. This feature optimizes power management, extending operational time by selectively disabling power-intensive functions when needed.

Docking Station Cleaning Times: Customize the number of cleanings for the docking station to maintain optimal functionality. This ensures that Yarbo is well-maintained and ready for the next cleaning session, contributing to long-term performance and efficiency.

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