GeoFence - How to adjust the Geo Fence theft protection area.

GeoFence - How to adjust the Geo Fence theft protection area.

Reasons to adjust the theft protection area:

  1. The alarm was activated because the product was outside its GeoFence.
  2. The alarm is not activated when product is outside GeoFence


To enable the GeoFence function, set a centre point, and adjust the radius, follow the below instructions.

  1. Place your mower approximately in the centre of the work area.
  2. Make sure that you are connected to your mower with Bluetooth.
  3. Select More > Settings > Security > GeoFence in Automower® Connect.
  4. Put the product in the centre position of the work area.
  5. Toggle the on/off button to enable or disable the GeoFence function. The centre position will be set to the current position of the product.
  6.  Use the horizontal bar to set the radius.

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